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Why choose MEC?

These are some of the many reasons why Middle East College is the right choice for you...

Fully Accredited
MEC is accredited by Oman Authority for Academic Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education. The college has achieved high ratings in Teaching Quality and Research Performance in its Institutional Accreditation process
Futuristic Academic Programmes
We have a range of best-fit programmes in Engineering, Science-Technology, Business and Management, that are all aligned with industry requirements and national priorities, to help our students achieve their career ambitions.
Innovative practices in Teaching and Learning
The Teaching and learning practices at MEC involves a multitude of technology-enhanced and student-led innovative practices to assist our students to learn the topics in the best way possible.
Vibrant Campus Life
Campus life is vibrant with over 350 events and activities in a year, for students to express their creativity and to equip them with the 21st-century skills they’d require for excelling at work and in life.
Exceptional Student Services
Our exceptional student support services help students achieve their academic and professional goals and help them move closer to their career ambitions.
Academic Collaborations
MEC offers its programmes in academic collaboration with Coventry University-UK and Breda University of Applied Sciences- Netherlands. Both the universities have earned high rankings in UK and Netherlands, respectively

We've got the right set of programmes to help you pursue your dream...

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Engineering is all about solving problems, and solving problems is what leads to better jobs and better lives. Our Engineering programmes teaches you exactly how to do that. 

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Science and Technology

Our futuristic programmes in Science and Technology equip you with cutting-edge skills that are required for the future workplace

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Business and Management

The wide range of career options available to graduates in Business and Management makes it an excellent choice for those looking to start a rewarding career right away.

What our proud students say

The educational environment at Middle East College is very nurturing and enriching, helping students learn, research, and innovate. That is what I found in every single stage during my study journey.  I am proud to be a member of MEC!

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Zainab Al Yahyaei
Software Technology Graduate


If I am to go back in time to choose a college for my studies, I would definitely select MEC again! I’m incredibly proud and happy to be part of a fully accredited college that is highly rated in Oman for Teaching Quality and Research Performance.    

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Mohammed Rudhwan
An International Student

I am happy to say that I studied for my bachelor's degree at MEC! The innovative teaching and learning techniques followed by the college helped me in gaining the knowledge, skills, and expertise I desire, in addition to the various educational workshops, competitions, and activities I had the chance to attend.    Thank you MEC!

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Sultan Al Namani
Civil Engineering Graduate

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